What We Do

At ESAM, we are not only a provider of high performance radiation devices. We also provide support services for these devices. Find out more about our specialized services below, and visit the contact page to request a service.

Our Services

Integration & Customization Support

We support our customers in their radiation measurement needs - from metrology to radiopharmaceutical assessment, academic research, industrial applications and nuclear power plant ecology. We have the expertise to provide solutions that can be customized to best fit your specific radiation measurement requirements.

Warranty & Out of Warranty Repairs

Our products are built to meet the highest standards of reliability. labZY products have been sold for more than 7 years without a single warranty or out of warranty repair request. Should, however, a device fail to perform, we have all the resources to provide timely high quality repairs.

Verification & Calibration Services

Verification and calibration of our instruments is important for consistent quality and reliability of measurement results. We use standard radioactive sources and thorough procedure to verify the operation of nanoTDCR devices as specified in the data sheets. We also offer initial and periodic SI traceable calibration of nanoTDCR thresholds.

Would you like to request a service?

Fill out the form on our contact us page, or send an email to sales@esambg.com.